Hire an Estate Manager

Need help caring for your estate? Hire an estate manager and trust them to handle all aspects of your estate from maintaining household security to booking travel arrangements. Our goal is to make your life as carefree as possible with an emphasis on safety.

An Estate Manager is responsible for:

  • Smooth operation of the employer’s residence(s)
  • Well trained and have excellent judgment regarding decisions about household maintenance and management
  • Hiring service people and providing direction to other household staff
  • & more!

90-Day Private Staff Guarantee

We offer a 90 day guarantee period with all placements. Should the candidate leave your employment within 90 days for any reason, we will replace them at no additional charge. We stay with you well beyond the guarantee period to provide additional coaching, refinement and advice about best employment practices.

About Private Staff Group

Private Staff Group is a top recruitment talent consultancy for the world’s most prominent individuals, families and businesses. Our team provides services to clients throughout the East Coast, West Coast, and everywhere in between.

Our recruitment team and candidate networks are second to none when it comes to finding the personal, private, domestic and business professionals you can count on.

Licensed by the NYC Dept. of Consumer Affairs License # 2042722-DCA Bonded by: Western Surety Company #63522019.


To read more about Safety Protocols for Private Staff entering your home, please click here.